• September: Sofia Lavrentyeva (Neuroscience) begins her rotation. 
  • July: David Taylor and Sebi Zahler join the lab.
  • June: Sebi Zahler (Neuroscience) begins his rotation. Brooke leaves us for graduate school at NYU. 
  • May: Victoria passes her qualifying exam to advance to doctoral candidacy. 
  • January: Alison Kim joins the lab as a junior specialist. 



  • December: David completes his rotation and the lab bids Van a fond farewell over Mongolian hot pot. 
  • October: Victoria finds a terrifying Halloween costume.
  • September: David Taylor (Neuroscience) begins his rotation.
  • July: Alex Farhang joins the lab as a junior specialist.
  • June: Victoria joins the lab to conduct her doctoral research. 
  • March: Victoria completes a successful rotation. 
  • January: Van Vu Joins the lab as a junior specialist and Victoria Cheung (Tetrad) starts her rotation in the lab.



  • October: Brooke Holey joins the lab as a junior specialist.
  • July: The lab opens in Rock Hall at UCSF's Mission Bay campus.
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